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About Pure Power Inc.

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Pure Power Inc. is a start-up company based in Enid Oklahoma. Our current primary goal is the development of the Oxidant Generator. This technology is needed NOW to help cut emissions, for a safer environment, and to increase fuel efficiency for a more productive society.

I have worked as a US Army Infantryman, computer repair, Paralegal, carpenter, welder, farm hand, website design marketing and sales, on and on. I am a jack of all trades, a real MacGyver, I have been working with microwave plasma for a long time. I quit working in the NG oil feilds to start this. I have to get moving fast. I have a provisional patent that I have to file a full patent on. I have 30+ years of experience. In school I took Aeronatics, ROTC, Science Aide in H.S., and Metal Shop. My areas of interest are: Fusion, Hydrogen, Environment, Rocketry, and Space Exploration. I would like to set up a Pure Research lab to further these issues.

Pure Power Inc. has filed for a provisional patent for the Oxidant generator #61131553. We are working on a prototype generator that synthesizes Nitrous Oxide (N20) and Ozone (O3) from earths atmosphere. The device uses a microwave plasma to ionize input gases, breaking the chemical bonds. Which releases solids such as carbon, and the gases reform as nitrous oxide and ozone. While these are greenhouse gases, they are to be used to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Exhaust gases are recycled back into the oxidant generator, which releases solids, and reforms the gases into oxidants. Nitrous Oxide has a proven record of increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions, but the conventional method of heating ammonium nitrate is not feasible and very explosive, and high compression tanks are too dangerous to be used.

Historical Overview

Injection of nitrous oxide into the combustion chambers of an internal combustion engine as a way to increase power output was discovered by the German air craft industry early in the Second World War. Thousands of German fighter and reconnaissance aircraft were equipped with the so-called "GM-1" system which added nitrous oxide to the intake charge to compensate for reduced air density and less oxygen at higher altitudes. The British Royal Air Force also used aircraft engines with performance enhanced by nitrous oxide. Interestingly, there was no use of nitrous oxide injection by the American military air forces other than very limited experimental use. Race cars have used nitrous oxide to increase performance. An increase of 35% is possible with standard engines, but 60-75% when designed for this fuel mixture. While Ozone has not been used, its unstable nature makes it ideal to oxidize fuels. The goal is complete combustion of the fuel being used. Auto's, Planes, Coal plants, all the different applications will have different increases. The amount of pollutions in the air, will also effect the increase's. It is a work in progress, but it is based on already available technologies. Oxygen scrubbing factors need tested as well.

Oxidant Generator Operation

In operation the oxidant generator synthesizes oxidants from earths atmosphere, which consists of 78% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, and other trace gases. A microwave chamber of 700+ watts of energy, with a plasma containment, the antenna and arc plate, and gas input and output ports. The microwave energy flows across the antenna and arc plate igniting a plasma. The plasma ionizes the gas compounds and elements, breaking the chemical bonds. Solids are released and the gases recombines as Nitrous oxide (NO2), and Ozone(O3). Which is captured and stored for use to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Further: the Oxidant Generator is used to clean exhaust gases from fossil fuel carbon emissions. The Oxidant generator is applicable for use in electrical generation, automobiles, furnaces, jets, rockets, and all other fossil fuel energy uses. Further: the generator is used to produce Nitrous Oxide (N2O), and or, Ozone (O3) for pharmaceutical and Industrial uses. Oxygen can be added to the atmosphere mix to increase potency of oxidants.

The Oxidant Generator is applicable to the various current following energy commercial and industrial technologies:

Automotive vehicles; Electrical generators; Electrical boiler generators; Jet engines; Rockets; water electrolysis electric and water generation; oxygen scrubbers, and Improved plasma arc waste removal systems.

Automotive vehicles have configurations A and B, wherein configuration A, new vehicles are equipped with an Oxide generator with recycled exhaust.
In configuration B vehicles are equipped with a compressed tank or bladder, and the Oxidant generator is located at the fueling area. The Oxidant is added to the tank as the vehicle is refueled.

Electrical Generators have configurations A and B, Wherein configuration A is a single generator with the exhaust recycled back into the oxidant generator.
In configuration B with multiple generators in series an oxidant generator supplies the first generator, wherein the exhaust is recycled by a second oxide generator which is used for the second generator; etc.

Electrical Boiler configuration where the exhaust from a boiler system is recycled through the oxidant generator, and the boiler is fueled by: Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Coal, fuel oil, or other fuel that uses oxygen as a catalyst.

Jet engine and Rocket configurations. Jet engines have an oxidant generator with a storage tank, at higher altitudes more oxidant is used to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
Rocket configurations have an oxide generator and storage tank, also oxidant can be added to the fuel before it is compressed to a liquid, to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Water electrolysis electric and water generation. Oxygen from water electrolysis is mixed with atmosphere to the oxide generator which is used with the Hydrogen in a combustion or boiler generator system. The byproducts of this configuration are electricity, water, water vapor, and salts.

Oxygen Scrubber Technology: the oxidant generator can be used in hospitals, labs, space and underwater exploration, to clean and sterilize the air. There are many commercial and non-energy industrial applications. (Nitrous oxide + Ozone breaks down easily into breathable atmosphere, Whereas; CO2 doesn't. And no virus or microbe will survive a Plasma bath.)

Plasmafication recycling: Plasma breaks the compounds(trash) into its elements, releasing gases, solids fall to be recycled for reuse. The gases are used in a Boiler configuration to make electricity. This is "FUSION" loosely interpreted. E=MC˛ - energy loss from heat conversion, and other factors.

In conclusion; the oxidant generator can be used in a wide variety of energy applications to increase fuel efficiency while reducing carbon emissions.


As energy prices raise we must make energy usage more efficient, this technology offers at minimum a 20% gain in efficiency with reduced emissions. Pure power is looking for partnerships and selling licenses to raise capitol. We plan to license the technology to existing energy and transportation manufacturers. This technology is vital to reduce global warming gas emissions and make fuels more efficient. While we lease each technology, we will focus on electrical, and water generation, while adapting the technology for space exploration

Pure Power Inc. is looking for partners to build the Oxygen Scrubbing technology. There is a $1 million buyin, with the profits from the device to be divided evenly among the partners. Interested parties may call me 580-478-8131

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